Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Temple Run For PC Free Download

Temple Run for PC Free Download is available for your Computer. The game has been developed by Raleigh-based Imangi Studio, and was released for iTunes firstly. But looking at the users' response and growing popularity of other mobile OSes, this game found its way to Android and Windows Phone as well. You can play Temple Run on  PC . Being a true gaming freak, you might have played this game on your smartphone. If not, then this name might be confusing you. Right? The little description about Temple Run and game-play might pull off the '

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Temple Run For PC

Temple Run For PC (Review)

As already stated, Temple Run PC is the popular game is developed by Raleigh-based Imangi Studio. And because of good concept and nice gameplay, it has crossed all barriers of success. The game is about doing the same as its name suggests. Run! Not for the sake of entertainment or to be a winner of race, but to win over the death as deadly enemies are chasing you. Why? You have stolen cursed idol from Temple, and Evil Demon Monkeys want to kill you for this poor act. You have to save yourself. Run, run and run is only way to do so. The obstacles coming in your path makes it tougher for you to escape and the scoring system makes the game interesting and lets you compete with your friends.

You might be interested in playing this game. Oh! no need to be sad if you don't own a smartphone as you can play Temple Run on Windows 7 PC as well.

Temple Run For PC or Computer Free Download Link 

If you wish to play the Temple Run on your Windows 7 based PC, then download it right away. Here's the downloading link.
The Window 7 based PC with low hardware configuration can also run the game smoothly. So nothing to panic about performance of game. If you have played this game ever, then believe me, you are gonna get addicted to it. Download Temple Run for Computer right away. Don't forget to share your views and experience of playing Temple Run with us via the comment box below.

Note : Please wait a bit as we are also going to post about Temple Run 2 for PC Game Version soon, so stay tuned with us!

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